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EES International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993

EES was established in 1993. The Chinese registered trademark "EES" and the English registered trademark are "EES". It specializes in domestic, international, sea, land and air transportation, cross-border e-commerce, product exhibition and display services; Services: Supply Chain Logistics, Bonded Logistics, Import and Export Trade Agents, Finished Product Distribution Logistics, Service Spare Parts Logistics, Relocation of Large Data Room Equipment, Reverse Logistics and Service Supply Chain Integration Solutions, including Return and Exchange, Product Inspection , Repacking, and Door-to-door Installation and maintenance, etc., and has independent research and development capabilities of the system, has its own brand of in-house purchase platform and social networking platform.


7 major transshipment centers
Forward and reverse logistics to 3228 cities and towns
Support the delivery and implementation of 4029 service sites
More than 300 cloud warehouses in the country are distributed in 100 cities, which can achieve one-hour delivery in the same city and cross-regional morning delivery.
To build quality with lean, to create the future with wisdom as the spirit, with professional, efficient, harmonious and development as the concept, to provide more, faster, better and less expensive services.

Corporate vision: to promote the value-added profit of the service supply chain of large enterprises; to help SMEs improve the after-sales service system; to facilitate the interaction of the needs of end users; to achieve the dream of ordinary people to start businesses.

 Gather your strength and build a happy country!