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CEO of EES was invited to participate in UNCTAD - discuss global trade rules

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2019/04/07 09:42


"The rules of international trade are never unilateral. We urgently need to have a globally accepted cross-border trade facilitation rule with all countries in the world. "On April 3, the" trade facilitation and e-commerce development industry dialogue summit "co sponsored by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the international trade center of UNCTAD and the cross border e-commerce Working Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce was held at the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva.

It focuses on the contribution of trade facilitation agreements to the development of e-commerce, the mode of international cooperation in the field of cross-border e-commerce, and the opportunities brought by the practical achievements of Hangzhou e-commerce to the development and transformation of Global trade.

Wang Ning, President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Weizhi, member of the expert committee, Zhang Xiangchen, permanent representative of China to the world trade organization, ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Han Changtian, counsellor, Xie Sheng, director of economic and trade department, Marion Jansen, director of market development department of international trade center of UNCTAD, Victoria, trade facilitation Consultant More than 100 Chinese and foreign leading experts and business representatives attended the meeting, including tuomisto, Saeed, Zhao Quan, Jan Hoffman, director of trade and logistics division of UNCTAD, Rajesh Aggarwal, director of facilitation and business policy, Livio robaldo, a scholar at the University of Luxembourg, and so on.



The development of cross-border e-commerce is expected to increase by two times, with both opportunities and challenges

As a joint organization of the United Nations and the world trade organization, International Trade Center (ITC) has achieved successful experience in business. Regarding the development prospect of cross-border e-commerce, Ms. Marian, director of ITC market development department, said in her welcome speech that although cross-border e-commerce currently accounts for 12% of global commodity trading volume, it is expected to grow at twice the growth rate of domestic e-commerce by 2020, It has opened a new opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the international market, and cross-border e-commerce enterprises are gradually forming new business models. However, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries are still facing major challenges, mainly how to tap the potential of e-commerce

These challenges include:

1. Online technology building capacity and business skills;

2. International e-commerce platform registration standard requirements;

3. Advertising marketing strategy to attract customers;

4. Unpredictable tariffs and cumbersome procedures;

5. Service support, such as electronic payment and express delivery;

6. High logistics cost, etc

Ms. Marian believes that ITC and CECC held this event just in time. There are many famous successful cases of e-commerce in China, which can provide reference and help for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in rural areas, which are using e-commerce to achieve product circulation. Marian suggested that policymakers and international organizations should now be further informed about how best to assist developing countries and their business communities to seize the opportunities offered by digital trade and use e-commerce as an engine for inclusive economic growth, women's empowerment and job creation.


Ms. Marian, director of the market development department of the international trade center of the United Nations Conference on Trade and development


International trade activities of e-commerce week hosted by China Industry Association for the first time

According to Wang Ning, President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, there are more than 40 representatives of enterprises and colleges from China, which is the most attended delegation. It focuses on introducing China's excellent cross-border e-commerce resources to international organizations, praises a number of enterprises, individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions and innovative performances to promote trade facilitation and cross-border e-commerce development, and encourages Chinese enterprises Actively go out, bring in, develop and strengthen themselves, and speak on behalf of enterprises and industries internationally. Ambassador Zhang Xiangchen hoped that relevant enterprises and industry associations would take the initiative to reflect the specific difficulties and needs of their participation in e-commerce, and provide valuable suggestions for the WTO negotiations.


Wang Ning, President of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce


The premise of expanding opening up, mutual benefit and win-win situation, promoting global cross-border e-commerce trade facilitation cooperation

China is one of the most cutting-edge positions in the development of global e-commerce. China's e-commerce is highly concerned by the world. The intention purchase amount of nearly 60 billion US dollars in the first 2018 International Fair makes global e-commerce enterprises feel the huge business opportunities of China's cross-border trade once again. How to study and formulate the basic rules of cross-border trade facilitation of global e-commerce as soon as possible under the framework of WTO is the focus of this meeting.

Wang Ning said that in economic development, China has always insisted on expanding opening up, promoting mutual benefit and win-win results, and actively maintaining a solid, open and inclusive world economy. We are very willing to help other developing countries actively develop e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce. China has a large number of consumer groups with high purchasing power and rapid development of electronic information technology. The government attaches great importance to the innovation of comprehensive foreign trade services and supports the construction of comprehensive foreign trade service platform. We can affirm that China has a complete set of basic experience and transaction rules for cross-border e-commerce transactions Then. However, the rules of international trade are never unilateral. There is an urgent need for us to have a global rule for cross-border trade facilitation with all countries in the world. The global cross-border e-commerce can get a faster development only after establishing common quality certification standards for the products of cross-border e-commerce, ensuring the safety of consumers and purchasers for the goods, and formulating the global uniform cross-border e-commerce tax rate and other relevant general rules as soon as possible. Global consumers can really enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by cross-border e-commerce.

The key of speed security cost promoting the effectiveness of global cross-border e-commerce trade facilitation

"E-commerce facilitates enterprises and consumers; so how should we facilitate e-commerce. "Ambassador Zhang Xiangchen believes that improving trade speed, improving trade security and reducing trade cost have always been the goals of WTO efforts, and also the three key words for the future development of cross-border e-commerce. Governments, enterprises and international organizations should work together to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, logistics, payment, after-sales service and other links, so as to avoid the delivery speed becoming a short board restricting the potential of e-commerce. Establish a safe trade environment in inspection and quarantine, e-payment, transportation and logistics, information protection and other links to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce. A series of comprehensive factors, such as favorable policy environment, perfect infrastructure, convenient and safe platform service, fast logistics, convenient customs clearance and efficient tax, make e-commerce really play a role in helping small and medium-sized enterprises reduce the cost of participating in international trade.


Zhang Xiangchen, permanent representative of China to the World Trade Organization and ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary


Build a happy country with our strength

International cooperation mode in cross-border E-commerce

In view of the current cooperation mode, the interlocutors expressed their views and hopes one after another;

"In the context of promoting international trade facilitation, we hope to improve the clearance process and regulatory rules of spare parts through trade facilitation," Mr. Zhu Jiamin, chairman of EES International Logistics Group, said in a guest speech. It is convenient for the development of circular economy, especially for the electronic renewable resources clearance rules ". At the same time, it puts forward some constructive suggestions on the mode of international cross-border trade cooperation.


Mr. Zhu Jiamin, chairman of EES delivered a speech as a guest of the Summit Forum



Share the experience and resources of EES to serve the world's top 500 enterprises, improve the after-sales service guarantee of small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce enterprises, hope to solve the problem of consumer confidence, improve the reputation of enterprises, enhance the viscosity of end users, improve the secondary purchase rate, and realize the value-added from after-sales to sales through the cooperation of blockchain technology

We hope that in the process of trade facilitation, small and medium-sized enterprises around the world can establish a trust mechanism, share resources, develop in a public way, pool their strength and build a happy country!


Zhu Jiamin, chairman of EES International Logistics Group, communicated with the guests on the mode of international cross-border trade cooperation


Group photo after communication between Chairman Zhu Jiamin of EES International Logistics Group and Mr. Zhang Xiangchen (fourth from the right), China's representative to the World Trade Organization and special sovereign Ambassador


EES is honored to be awarded by the unit of "international cross-border trade innovation and development contribution"