Won the "6th (2021) Pegasus Award of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce" and the "Five-star Service Provider of the Preferred Enterprise in the Consumer Electronics Industry in 2022".


Thousands of miles to help the epidemic area in Wuhan, a brave rebel; In order to guarantee the online classes of 180 million students, we travel day and night in the southern Xinjiang and the vast Gobi; Ranked in the "Top 100 International Freight Forwarders in China" and won the excellent case of CLFP logistics packaging box.


Won the "Innovation and Development Contribution of International Cross-border Trade" Award.


Through the construction planning and implementation of Rennet, Landnet, Skynet, and Huibang Community (referred to as "three networks and one flower" ), it closely centers on the four major visions of the enterprise: to promote the value- added profit of large enterprise service supply chain; After-sales service guarantee; facilitate the needs and interaction of end users; achieve the entrepreneurial dream of ordinary people.


Transform into a high-tech enterprise and rely on a relatively complete service supply chain logistics delivery system, establish a group ecological chain , and start the journey of "gathering your sterngth and building a happy country!"


Accompanied China and Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation 16 Fangshan Forum, and put forward the development concept of "forging quality and smart future" in coordination with the national "the Belt and Road" strategic development.


As a senior visiting member of the Ministry of Commerce, the group leader accompanied the visit to the United States to accelerate the internationalization process of the group.


The 2008 Olympic torchbearer company, in the southern snowstorm and Wenchuan earthquake, provided all-out support services, won praise from customers, and donated money and materials for the affected areas to achieve corporate social value.


Cooperate with the IT giant Lenovo Group to jointly establish the 3C service supply chain logistics delivery benchmark and open the professional customized service of service supply chain logistics


EES International Logistics Company Cheng Lu began to get involved in international business and set up regional distribution centers in Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Shenyang, with service outlets covering prefectural cities


EES International Logistics Group's start-up EES Express was established in Bejjing

EES International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 1993

Eastern Enterprises Service  was established in 1993 .( registered trademark as "Baifu Dongfang" in Chinese  and "EES" in English ) . In the past 30 years, EES has built four service systems: logistics services, warehousing management, service management, and service+ ,Specializes in domestic and international transportation by air, sea, and land, cross-border e-commerce, product exhibition and display services; Enterprise-level customized services such as Asset management and administrative logistics, supply chain logistics, bonded logistics and import and export trade agents, finished product distribution logistics, service spare parts logistics, large-scale data center equipment relocation, reverse logistics and service design, service supply chain integration solutions, including return and exchange of goods, product inspection, sub-packaging, on-site installation and maintenance, etc. EES Inc. have the ability of independent research and development of the system, The community interactive private domain platform and Baicheng service delivery cloud center with independent brands help enterprises to market and realize instant retail, and provide Baicheng instant renewal and repair service. Help enterprises optimize service supply chain and improve service reputation.



7major transshipment centers
Forward and reverse logistics to 3228 cities and towns
Support the delivery and implementation of 4029 service sites
More than 300 cloud warehouses in the country are distributed in 100 cities, which can achieve one-hour delivery in the same city and cross-regional morning delivery.

To build quality with lean, to create the future with wisdom as the spirit, with professional, efficient, harmonious and development as the concept, to provide more, faster, better and less expensive services.

Corporate vision: to promote the value-added profit of the service supply chain of large enterprises; to help SMEs improve the after-sales service system; to facilitate the interaction of the needs of end users; to achieve the dream of ordinary people to start businesses.


Gather your strength and build a happy country!