Eastern Enterprises Service  was established in 1993 .( registered trademark as "Baifu Dongfang" in Chinese  and "EES" in English ) . In the past 30 years, EES has built four service systems: Logistics Services, Warehouse Services , Service management, and Service Solutions,Specializes in domestic and international transportation by air, sea, and land, cross-border e-commerce, product exhibition and display services; Enterprise-level customized services such as Asset management and administrative logistics, supply chain logistics, bonded logistics and import and export trade agents, finished product distribution logistics, service spare parts logistics, large-scale data center equipment relocation, reverse logistics and service design, service supply chain integration solutions, including return and exchange of goods, product inspection, sub-packaging, on-site installation and maintenance, etc. EES Inc. have the ability of independent research and development of the system, The community interactive private domain platform and Baicheng service delivery cloud center with independent brands help enterprises to market and realize instant retail, and provide Baicheng instant renewal and repair service. Help enterprises optimize service supply chain and improve service reputation.



Logistics services

Warehouse Services

Service Management

Service Solutions

Logistics Services

Relying on seven regional distribution centers and 29 urban distribution centers in China,EES has formed a forward and reverse logistics service network with a capacity of up to 1000+and NBD timeliness,It provides on-demand and responsive logistics services for leading enterprises in domestic and international Internet technology, finance, automotive engine manufacturers and automotive aftermarket.

Service Management

Based on 30 years of experience in serving the world's top 100 enterprises, EES has built a complete set of service management system. Through: basic customer service, visual management service, intelligent customized customer service, on-duty customer service, we can provide customers with multi-scenario order comprehensive service management, service evaluation collection, problem analysis, quality improvement and other value-added services. The professional sales service team helps the enterprise improve its brand image.

Warehouse Services

EES Warehouse Services has four major capabilities: infrastructure construction, network management, system management, and team execution. It provides professional warehouse supply chain management services, category warehouse leasing, "6S" on-site management services, remote visual management, intelligent digital inventory and other security services;

Service Solutions

Relying on the basis of EES logistics, warehousing and service platform, and strong enterprise endorsement and technology, channel and service capabilities, we will break through the traditional logistics business, provide customers with unlimited service portfolio and capacity expansion platform through business integration, platform architecture, information interconnection and other ways, and realize the value-added and cost reduction of large enterprises and the improvement of service capabilities of small enterprises on the premise of reducing costs and improving energy efficiency, Help to realize personal entrepreneurial dream.


With the spirit of lean to build quality and wisdom to create the future, EES establishes an open ecological chain with customers

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